Friday, July 18, 2008

Back in Black

Yep she's back and she work'in for black---entertainment that is... KC is home from her Disney Stint and tour of High School Musical. From what we gathered there was no dancing involved for her. KC's speciality??? you ask? Herding cattle, er auuhh I mean, "talent" and hanging out with celebrities so they do not get lonely or somthing like that...

One never knows what happens in the "business" guess its has a lot in common with Vegas. What happens in tinsel town stays in tinsel town or at least until the paparazzi gets a photo of it and sells it to a tabloid.

Here is our KC hanging out with a celebrity we actually know...Ok Ok, so I mean the kids and I know. Daddy-O spends wayyyy too much time reading people magazine and knows all the celebrities Team B (Linjit and KC) rub elbows with....who he knows is a little frightening to me.

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