Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Care Package off to Changzhou China

Oh yes before we left for Mendocino, we took two care packages to the post office for HooHaa. In one package we sent him a super soft fuzzy transformer blanket (tobbers picked it). I went so far as to write his name on it in permanent marker. I sure hope I wrote it right and did not write something that translates into "lucky food happy cheap" God knows we have enough of those places in town.
In his second package I enclosed a photo album introducing him to us and our house. A shirt, some cars that tobbers picked out from his special stash, some candy, an alphabet book and some dinosaurs.
They say it takes ten days to arrive in china. His packages should arrive around the first of August. This will be his and his caretakers first knowledge that he has a family waiting for him. Unless a care package is sent, the orphanage, the nannies and the children do not know they have a "family" until a couple weeks before adoption dates are sent which end up being about five - eight months from approval. That long time period can be used to help the child transition into preparing for a family. We hope and pray that he will be excited about joining ours.

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