Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fargo here we go again....

Okay so maybe sometimes I am not the sharpest tool in the shed... Geeeze...one would think with with two under grad degrees and a masters degree --- I mean hey I did go to Stanford...that must count for something!!--- that I would manage to find my way out of a paper bag on any given moment....well when it comes to that darn thing called dossier, I seem to forget how to read and understand the most simplest of details.
So I had to resend DH's birth certificate back to North Dakota to have it certified by the secty of state. I had sent it to DC first....oops... forward one step back two steps.
On the lighter side of things, Tobbers had his tooth filled today (okay for lighter for me not him) and spend the rest of the day hanging with me. We bought HooHaa a little photo album that we will use to introduce ourselves. We sent a similar book to MeiMei and it was very clear that she was used to looking at the book and knew who we were. It did not take ten minutes after arriving home from the airport that she took off outside to go play on the swing set in the back yard. We hope that this new album will have a similar affect with HooHaa.
Oh yes, Tobbers survived the dentist and the filling and crown. He is not happy about it ---the crown that is--- but he pulled through it like a trouper. He is counting down the days till the tooth with the crown falls out.

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