Monday, July 14, 2008

Two steps step...

Oh yeah....I'm still in the same place and have not moved. It is Monday and I public went on record to say that this week I will tackle the Medical Forms. I have emailed the kids pediatrician for their medical reports for the home study and I have contacted kaiser to find out how best to get the forms completed. I downloaded their fancy little form that must accompany our agency medical forms and will hand carry the medical form for DH and the Yahoos tomorrow.
Myself on the other hand am going to need to set up an appointment and pay all over again to see my useless MD. I need to have all new lab runs which is a bunch on stinky BUNK.
Good Ole North Dakota sent their package back today with a fresh secty of the state authentication. I Fed Exed off DH's birth certificate to the assistant stork this afternoon and should have it back from DC and the Chinese Embassy late next week. This is the only document that requires an out of state certification and authentication process.
Tonight we will tackle the financial statement and employment letters.

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