Friday, July 11, 2008

Social Worker Home Visit ... Check

We had our Social Worker home visit today. She met with DH and I and all three of the yahoos. Since she was just here in January completing MeiMei's one year post adopt visit, we only have to do an update Home Study report. I started reading of the the new Hague compliant I800 form and must say it is a little intimidating. Sure which we could use the old form we used for MeiMei.

So we still have to get the MD forms completed for everyone and the financial statements done before they will release our Home Study to us and the USCIS so....I'd better get my rear in gear and get those forms sent off to Kaiser next week. Yes, folks I have put it in print and so now I must do it!

I will get the MD forms completed next week....

I will get the MD forms completed next week...

I will get the MD forms completed next week.
I've just started gathering information on HooHaa's part of China. Here is a photo taken from his home town of ChangZhou in Jiangsu province which is about an hour to so Shanghai. I will post more photos about his region in future posts.


Duchess of Lanier said...

Okay, so, like OMG! We are sooo close to homestudy finished, too! And if your little one is in Jiangsu, and our little one is in Juangsu, we might need to chat :)
ChuWei is *standing up* in XZ!
Autumn List
see you there

Grace said...

Hi, I found your blog! We are both in the same stage of paper chasing. I am with CCAI!