Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why men should NOT be allowed to watch late night TV...

Yes, this is what my DH (and in this case the dear is replaced with delirious) bought watching a late night informercial. A $800 cleaning system that is SO LARGE that it requires its own closet.
Yes some fools actually to buy things off the TV and it appears I am married to one. Of course this purchase was made at 3am and without any input from Moi. Was he delirious, insane from lack of sleep or really really really gullible.... God... I'm waiting for an answer...please
Our modest home only has carpet in three small areas. Yes, that means 85% of the flooring in our home is wood. The carpeted part was installed when we bought the home four years ago as a temporary fix until we installed the hardwoods. So one can imagine my surprise when he tells me he bought a $800 rug cleaning system. First off, there is only one section of our rug that needs cleaned as the others are covered with area rugs. The area that gets dirty is small enough to be cleaned with a simple treatment of resolve. Knowing that we are installing new floors - this area did not bother me and I simply covered it with another area rug and out of sight was out mind.
So when the wildebeest arrives, the FedEx guy notices the package and tells me to call him when we are ready to return the item. He stated that he used to clean rugs for a living and that these rug doctors machines are notorious for leaking and being returned. Great...
Right now the machine has been with us for two months. The carpet is still dirty and the "system" has yet to be used.

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