Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas One Month Later

Thirty days ago, I was looking forward to a lovely Christmas morning of watching the kids open up their Christmas goods. Each year on Christmas Eve before the Yahoos go to bed, I explain to them the morning ground rules (yes, I am that controlling) I remind them that they are not to wake us up before 6am. When they get up they may open their stockings and play with what ever is laid out UNWRAPPED (yes, each child has one unwrapped present waiting for them to play with while I wake up)
Instead I was rudely woken at 4am from a deep sleep by the wild cackling of crazed hyenas and paper shredding. Imagine my horror when I walked into the living room to find three of the four yahoos sitting amidst a pile of open presents and paper. Yep that's right the little hellions opened up all of their presents without us! Well that is without the big girls, grandma and myself. Mr T was reading the paper and claims to have not noticed what they had done. Therefor there were no photos of unwrapping presents this year because I WAS NOT THERE to take them.

Next year the game will change. I am not sure how I will work it but I am confident there will be no chance of this happening again. Mom was not a happy camper. Some day I am sure I will find this funny. But that day is not today nor thirty days ago.

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Aus said...

oops - well - it was and accident? ;) You will find joy in this someday - but not yet! I'm in the midst of 'fussing with' my 25 yo daughter, and Marie keeps asking me when I'll deal with it - and my response is easy - not yet - it still stings too much! Once the sting goes away then I won't say or do something I'll regret forever!

Still - I don't know who to be more upset with.....;)

hugs - aus and co.