Thursday, January 6, 2011

Red White and Huh?

"Mom we have to wear red, white and blue to school tomorrow." "Huh?" I said
Yep read white and blue and a lot of it..."okay" I say, thinking to myself...but it's Christmas?...what about read white and green?. "Well, you are in luck, I just moved the fourth of July box out of the way to access the Christmas box. Have at it." I tell them. And here is what they went to school looking like.... And whatta ya know...they won first and second place out of five hundred and someodd kids. Nothing like not having enough room in the attic to store the 4th of July box!


Aus said...

Dude - cool in the extreme!! Ya'll make a big deal of the 4th!!

hugs - aus and co.

Little Chicks Info said...

Such cute & patriotic kids! I read your comment about Land Park! I love that area...and to be near the zoo & Fairytale town, my kids would love it! We used to drive down through the "Fabulous 40's" houses, we always went to the zoo, I have a crazy story of getting "kidnapped" at age 4 at the Zoo...cops, 2 hour search, everything..they found me in Fairytale Town at Old Mother Hubbard's shoe! ha mother almost had a heart attack! I grew up in Carmichael! So good to meet you!

Little Chicks Info said...

PS - if you see stuff written from "Little Chicks", it's another blog I have for my daycare...don't know why I can't change it to "This & That" my blog name..!

Karen said...

Only the Tomatoes could have a box filled to the hilt with appropriate red white and blue attire. And if you ever need a unicorn, a Care Bear, or anything else for that matter,
it pays to be friends with them!!! Way to go Tomato Kids!!!