Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Fun Food Friday...what will you be making?

About a year ago we decided to cut back on our restaurant dining out. This decision was twofold. One to save money and second, was that I found the yahoo's were not appreciating the meals as they should. Eating out in our family had become routine, expected and mundane. It seemed as though we were all just taking "another meal out" for granted. We used to eat out three to four five meals a week out. When I look back it all seems to crazy no wonder they took it for granted. When we made the switch last year it did not take too long for them to notice that we were not eating out. Why I believe it took week. They were not too happy about the change. I explained to them why we were making changes and that instead of going out so much we would replace our weekly Friday family night out with "FUN FOOD FRIDAY"

What is Fun Food Friday you may ask? Well it started on a late Friday night when after a couple glasses of wine, I realized I needed to feed the yahoos and I had been so busy that day I had nothing to prepare. So I went to the freezer and found some odds and ends of appetizers left over from the holidays and decided to feed them to the kids as dinner. I popped them in the oven and placed them on a platter and called the kids to dinner. They looked at my like I was nuts and asked what I was serving them. I explained that it was the official kick off of Fun Food Friday and that from here on out every Friday dinner would consist of "Fun Food" to eat. And that night we were serving, small little quiches, crab cakes, buffalo wings, tater tots and petite fours. Needless to say, it was a home run.

These days the kids start asking about Monday what is going to be served on Fun Food Friday. They invite their friends and neighbor kids. We started something that has snowballed into one of the kids most anticipated events of the week.

Tonight Mr T is taking the rein of Fun Food Friday and he and Ms Canoley are making "grilled Elvis's" California style. What is a Grilled Elvis? Uh that would be peanut butter, honey, banana and bacon sandwiches. The kids can hardly wait. I on the other hand am a little bit aprehensive.

Tonight's Dinner Menu: Grilled Elvis's, Ice Cream Cake and Big Green Salad for mom.

What are you making for Fun Food Friday?

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