Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh my there really is a Tooth Fairy!

Little bunny FuFu has been wanting to lose a tooth for over two years. Well she lost her first tooth and was so excited she could barely contain her joy. To make her tooth tooth fairy worthy, she (unbeknown to me) went in the bathroom to wash her tooth with soap only to come out in tears that she had washed her tooth down the drain.
I assured her that if she wrote a note to the tooth fairy she would understand what happened. So here is what she wrote " dear tooth fairy...i like are pretty... i was washing my tooth and it is lost in the sink. Can you get it out for me? I want it back. I want you to give me ten dollars and 100 pennies. i love you you are pretty.. please give me money. love fu."
She places the letter under her pillow and all I can think of is great? How the heck am I going to come up with the darn lost tooth?
The next morning I am barefoot in the bathroom and step on something sharp. I look down and what do you know...I was stepping on the tooth! The toothfairy went down the drain and brought the tooth back out. I was so excited for FuFu.
So the tooth fairy was able to give FuFu her tooth back and the 100 pennies. What about the requested 10 bucks you ask? Hey, this economy is hitting everyone...even the toothfairy.

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