Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey... Who's in the drivers seat here?

The State Fair starts tomorrow and for the past couple of days the yahoos have been ganging up on me trying all forms of negotiation to get me to take them to the fair on opening day. From making their beds, emptying trash and feeding the cat ---they are pulling out all of the stops in their attempt to sway my decision. They had made a list of all the rides and food they was to eat at this years fair. They have decided the best place to park, the order of events and where they want to get their photos taken. (yikes, what have I created?) Despite their rather impressive gestures, with temperatures expected in the 105 range.... I think I'm still going to hold fast on my decision to wait till next week. Heading to the state fair is the signal of the end of summer, so there is no way we can miss summer of 08's farewell. Good try guys...

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