Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Father....

For I have....pulled my Kids out of Catholic School....Hallejulah...Praise be to God... Yes it is true.

This week I walked in to the school office and said that's it I'm done! I have spent the past two years sucking it up in the vain of better education via private school. What I learned was that the emperor has no clothes on and I cannot stomach the lies anymore.
36 kids in a class with one teacher...NO MORE
Lower than Public School Standards....NO MORE
Unfriendly Families that cannot muster a smile or hello....NO MORE
$2000 a year in Mandatory Scrip...NO MORE
Teachers that cannot even look an adult in the eye...NO MORE
Teachers that do not return repeated phone calls and avoid you in the hallway...NO MORE
Principles that say because my son pinched his twin sister on the butt cheek that it is sexual harrashment and will not be tolerate...NO MORE
Parents who who spend more time posturing than spending time with their kids...NO MORE
Parents who care more about appearances than what their children are NOT learning in school...NO MORE
Classrooms where parents are NOT allowed to be present or monitor EVER... NO MORE


Our Father... we are FREE...and this year so will be our schooling....FREE. We are launching in to the abyss of public education. It is quite scary and a little bit exciting at the promise of having access to more opportunities for my kids to learn. The only thing I will miss at HoleySpit is paying to eliminate the ghetto factor. Not that the kids new school will have a ghetto factor, but that when making the decision to send you kids to private school there is a certain amount of paying to isolate from factors you would rather not have them exposed to when living in the big city.

I'm jumping into another leap of faith..... and I'm NOT talking about Catholicism.

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