Sunday, August 3, 2008

Riding the Mendocino Skunk Train

Thank you aunt Bee for your generous family gift of Skunk Train Tickets. And for those of you it does not stink. It was actually quite nice. I highly recommend it as a great family day trip. We drove to Fort Bragg which is just north of Mendocino and about 3 - 4 hours from the big Tomato---depending on your route.

Driving Hwy 1 also known as the Pacific Coast highway is not for the faint of stomach. As no surprize we left a family DNA deposit along the side of the road (in a biodegradable brown paper bag). And No it was not mine this time. I do not know what it is about us Tomato family females but we can barf with the best of them and our Noley is a world champion barfer. This girl can talk, barf and laugh at the same time. We spared you the photos. We toured Fort Ross, hung out at the beach and took the four hour train ride (2 up the mountains and two back to the coast). The kids loved it and aside from the barforama the parents did too!

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