Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Bunny... er I mean Baby... FuFu

Next month will mark the two year anniversary of when I opened up my email and saw this precious little face looking back at me. September use to mark the month long celebration of my birthday, going back to school, cooler weather and it reminds me of seeing our MeiMei aka Little Bunny FuFu for the very first time. What a face.

We waited five LONG months to travel to China to bring her home. The wait now seems so long ago. On one hand the sights, sounds and smells of China seem so close....yet so long ago.

I have no idea how long we will wait to travel to China to pick up HooHaa. The process for HooHaa is so differenet from MeiMei. With MeiMei the cart was in front of the horse....with HooHaa the cart is trying to pull the horse ---with me being the cart and the us government being the horse. At times the lack of control in the process really gets to me. I am hoping to know this week if our homestudy is complete. Once complete, this cart is going to add jet packs to get that darn horse to move...Please Please Please Universe let us get our dossier to China in September for my birthday. This was my wish two years ago and I am asking once again for the last time I PROMISE.


Duchess of Lanier said...

Little bunny!
Hope you've heard good news this week!
30 days into I800A wait

Nina said...

Wow, I can't believe you got your referral TWO YEARS ago. We were on the Fertile Thoughts website, I think, and I'd just started the Adopting from China thread. It's great that you've been home so long with your precious bunny :)

Best of luck finishing the paperchase!!

And thanks for hanging in there with me during my endless wait. It was so good to hear from you!