Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Vacation 08 Round Up

Funny last year we found ourselves looking at the end of summer with the realization that we had not done one single fun summer trip or activity. I think last year we were still in the post adoption haze of adjusting to another set of feet in the house and post surgery recovery for Meimei's cleft palate. So to make up for our guilt, we took the kids to San Francisco and Pacifica for two days....not exactly my idea of a vacation but hey it's all in how you package it to sell it to the kids. Stay in a hotel, swim in the ocean and eat in a restaurant and our yahoos are happy--- Very Happy.

This year, we took a different approach to Summer. We planned a trip each month. Disneyland in June, Mendocino-North Coast July, and Santa Cruz in August. These photos were taken from our Santa Cruz Trip.

As we look at the last two weeks of summer we round out our summer with the arrival of the California State Fair---one of the top five activities of the yahoos. Corn dogs here we come...

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