Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Paddy's Day... A little bit O'Green to Y'all

Yes, so what tops, square root day, Pie day and Pi day?....well that would be St Paddy's Day. I still have fond memories of my first St Paddy's day parade in San Francisco as a little kid...in fact it might be the only St Patricks day parade I ever went to but it is still stuck in my mind. Green glitter hat and all.

Well, I have created green junkies. What does that mean you ask? Well it started back in the days of me bringing green bagels to work and sharing them with green cream cheese with those I worked when in my 20's. Now the Green bagels are gone but the Green still exists. The yahoos insist on eating all things Green on St Paddy's day. Yes, even tobbers the official NON eater of all things Green. He makes a special exception for this day.
So for breakfast we had, bagels with green cream cheese, green yogurt, green grapes, and green milk. For lunch green peanut butter sandwiches, green jello, semi green bananas and we will wrap up tonight with green(pesto) pizza and green mashed potatoes- hey not much for Irish food, but my yahoos have sworn to run away from home if I fix them a traditional Irish boiled dinner.

Mr T is off spending his St Paddy's day in San Francisco with work...yeah...good story and I am here in green world.
Well I gotta run becuase I have to go off and create the Leprauchuan treasure hunt before the yahoos are home from school ANOTHER thing I did once and am now stuff with doing each year. They have to find the treasure (chocolate gold coins) by answering riddles and questions that are on a scavenger map around the house and yard. This year it will feature many fractions, time, geographical directions and pronouns....Ha! they won't know what hit them!

Here's to wishing all a little bit of Irish Luck.

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Duchess of Lanier said...

Green PBJ's?! Fabulous! That's my kind of veggie! What fun! Do tell me they werea ble to follow all your tought clues and get their chocolates, right? You didn't make it so hard that only *you* could get the chocolate, did ya'?
Congrats on being almost DTC... fi-nal-ly!!! *whew*