Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yes it is Snowing... Okay for some of you I know that is no big deal. But to a California is HUGE!
I'm up in Portland the City of ah I mean Roses...and I walk out of the convention center and voila! was so cool that I did not mind the fact that I had to walk five blocks up hill carrying stuff. It did not stick, but it was cool (cold) nonetheless.
Mrs OW and I head home tomorrow after a four day stint in um....Rehab yeah that's it... (for those of you that remember my old rehab post from November). Rehab is what I like to call "My Time" and after all it does involve alcohol so it makes sense right? Because when you tell people you are needing to go there, or have been there or think about it fondly, they don't ask questions. If I told them was I was really doing...well it could get pretty ugly.
Tomorrow afternoon I head home and hopefully the children will all be in one piece with all of their body parts and hair intact---unlike last years scalping. Oh, I think I just heard the sound of a paper cutter and a bottle of wine open. Gotta go...

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