Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tick tick tick...Ok its been 1 week now...

And I have not heard ANYTHING yet. Don't people know I am not a patient or tolerant person UNLESS I am getting PAID. If you are paying me, I will tolerate A LOT but when time is on my dime.... I am ANTSY, IMPATIENT AND IRRATIONAL...that and NEVER have a passport photo taken at Walgreen's. NEVER unless you are interested in looking like a strung out on meth or a poster child for Americans most wanted. Good Lord those are the nastiest photos in the world. If we get denied by China, I am sure it will be because of those photos!

We sent off the last of our dossier documents to our now new old agency. Our old now closed door agency sent us the original Chinese approval documents so I take that as a sign that they are done with us and we have...

Oh yeah, guess I did not fully explain. This past January after 8 months of paper chasing for Hoo Haa we were ready to send off our dossier to China to get logged in. While as fate would have it our agency Heritage Adoptions in Portland Oregon, informed us or more like failed to inform us as we heard through the Internet chat forum that they were closing their china program. Huh? What the? So what I thought was an Internet rumor was true and that we were being sold to...I mean handed off to another agency I had never heard of, nor had anyone else, somewhere back east. The whole thing did not sit well with me and made me want to barf on my shoes (slight weight loss opportunity I had thought for the moment) so I decided to take things into my own hands.

Everyone in adoption world told me there was nothing we could do and that when an agency closes families have to switch to the new agency with no recourse except to cancel the adoption and start all over. Well every ones advice fell on deaf ears as I would not be "sold" to another agency. If I am going to sell myself I at least want some say in the process.

So I wrote a letter to the head of our old adoption agency and the director of the waiting child program and explained what was happening to us and asked if there was anyway they could help us. I sent the letter over the three day weekend and did not expect to hear anything for several days. After all they are one of the largest adoption agencies for China and are quite busy.

Within 24 hours, I had a personal email from the head of the agency saying they would help us and take us on as clients again and bring HooHaa home. We have spent the past two months getting last minute transfer details ironed out. We sent them the last of our updated paperwork last week and are waiting to hear that our complete dossier has been delivered to the CCAA in China.

So here I wait not so patiently. The stitch in agencies will add 2 - 3 more months on our timeline but knowing that we are with the best of the best of agencies is quite reassuring. With them we know what to expect and no there will be NO hidden costs. Everything is explained upfront and traveling with them is like being on a five star trip. They are awesome. Traveling with the old agency scared the **** out of me since there were so many unknowns.

I'm hoping to hear something this week that will tell us that our package (bad photos and all) will be on their way to China.

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Sheri - the patient one said...

Congrats on completing your Dossier. It is a relief and a bit surreal when it is finally done.