Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Past Glimpse at Set A

So today and I am sending off what I hope to be the last bit of dossier information to our adoption agency. Let's hope this is IT! and that we (our paperwork dossier)will be off to China next week. It has been too many months of paperwork He** and I am TIRED!

So I was asked to send four more "life photos" of Mr T and I and that is NO easy task. First off, I am the one always taking the photos so there are NO photos of me to be found. Second if there is a photo in which we are both present, Mr T or myself are wearing sunglasses which are a NO NO for these photos Urggg. Third, if by chance I have found a photo with both of us in it without sunglasses it will show us drinking COCKTAILS! Arrrrrghhhhh. So we are talking slim pickings here....very bad bad photos but hey I am desperate at this point so aside from buying photoshop and creating my own....China bad photos here they come! Side note, not that we will adopt again, after HooHaa...but friends and family if you are reading please take note...and take a photo of Mr T and I so that in the event that we fall off the face of the planet the yahoos will have a DECENT photo to remember us by!

In my 1o plus years of photos Ive just finished going thorough, I came across this adorable photo of Tomato Set A - KC and Linjit. Awe, you two look so darn CUTE!

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