Monday, March 9, 2009

A Shamless Plug for Americans Against Diabetes™ ( AAD ) Campaign Launches in California

First off Happy Birthday Linjit! And in honor of your pro bono media work to help out Kids, I will place a shameless plug for your cause....

To read the actual release you can visit:

LOS ANGELES, CA ( March 2, 2009 ) – The National Center for Public Research announced today its plans to bring 100,000 FDA approved at-home Diabetes Risk Assessment tests to California school children. Healthy Life Laboratories has committed up to $1,000,000 in laboratory testing and reporting services. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 60 million Americans at risk of developing diabetes. Early detection is the key to saving lives.

The Americans Against Diabetes™ Campaign, along with the support of individual and corporate sponsorships, will provide diabetes screening tests to at-risk children and education to their parents. Through awareness and education, informed parents can make healthy choices to reduce their child’s risk of developing diabetes, giving children the healthy future they deserve.

Distribution is planned through local California fire stations, blood banks, school systems, diabetes educators, local dental offices, drug store clinics and other healthcare and civic organizations. With synergistic goals and commitment to healthcare and awareness, The Americans Against Diabetes™ campaign will reach high-risk populations of school age children to provide testing and help educate families about diabetes prevention. The National Center for Public Research will be providing the distribution and financial management of the campaign.

Americans Against Diabetes™ has sought strategic partners to turn this vision into a mission. “By placing the best diagnostic medical technology in the hands of the dedicated health care professionals who can provide diabetes screening and education, we are confident that this program will succeed,” said Dr. Ron Schefdore, founder of Americans Against Diabetes™.

The Diabetes Risk Assessment Kit is the only FDA approved at-home test combining an accurate and reliable instant glucose test plus a laboratory-based hemoglobin A1c test using a single drop of finger-nick blood. Combining both fasting and long-term glucose measurement into a single screen increases the likelihood of detecting impaired glucose control, which is the precursor to diabetes.
You go Linjit! Keep up the good work with helping Kids! We are very proud of you!

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