Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living with a Foodie does have its challenges...

Okay, so once again I am confronted face to face with my "I'm white trash mom" (WTM) guilt. So my Canoley is a budding foodie. She comes by it honestly with a home of food lovers and two parents that have a passion for all things food related. Where many kids her age would choose to watch Disney TV, my girl's favorite TV to watch is the cooking channel and her personal favorites are Ace of Cakes and Paula Deen.
So tonight after Kumon, I found myself too darn tired to be creative enough to think of something to fix for dinner. Mr T was in the San Francisco again and would not be home till late so I knew I could take advantage of his departure and just be lazy. In an attempt to make myself feel not so guilty about being a lazy WTM, I came up with what I thought was a great idea.
Last night we had Sloppy Joes (I was lazy last night too). The kids love them, I always have the ingredients on hand and I can whip them up in 10 minutes. Since I had some leftover, I came up with my brain storm on the way home..."Sloppy Eddie" Joes Cousin... Sloppy Sauce over Spaghetti. Brilliant or so I thought.
One the way home, I excitingly tell the kids about the great dinner we will be having when we get home. Tobbers and MeiMei were stoked about it. Canoley sat quite.

So we sat down for dinner and I proudly presented my Sloppy Eddie when my budding foodie asked
"Mom are you really going to serve us spaghetti with Ketchup and mustard on top?"
Me.." No, I am serving you Sloppy Eddie ... you know sloppy sauce on spaghetti"
Noley "Mom, I know how you made this sauce and you used Ketchup and Mustard and that is really bad that you cannot even use a real pasta sauce" Ketchup and Mustard is made for hot dogs NOT spaghetti"
Me "but there is meat in it"
Noley " and brown sugar" ...
Me "So I take it you are not going to try it?"
Noley "I will. But I will not tell anyone that my Mom serves us noodles with Ketchup on top"

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