Friday, June 27, 2008

Cleft Palate Panel Report

MeiMei meet for the first time with the Kaiser Cleft Palate Panel. The one that Kaiser had been trying to tell me did not exist. I knew it did and it only took me 16 months to find it! Everything seemed to check out online with the Sutter CP Panel recommendations. They will help us get back on to CCS to cover her orthodontia work. Orthodontia would start in about two years with a palate expander to widen her top palate (sound familiar KC and LinJit?) Why DaddyO should be an old hand at it by now. They are not sure if she will need any grafting yet and will reserve their decision until her palate is widen and the orthodontia work is started. The good news is that they are now using a lab grown bone and will most likely not need to do a hip to bone graft for her upper cleft. That is great news.

So for those curious... her expected treatment at this point is such:
5- 6 yrs old - palate expander
7 - 8 yrs - possible cosmetic nose adjustment - start orthodontia
10 - 12 graft to cleft - some orthodontia
13 - orthodontia
15 -16 - final orthodontia touch -ups cosmetic adjustments
17 - great smile.

Yes you are seeing it right. She will have on and off orthodontia for around 11 years. We are happy to report MeiMei has jumped in the past 12 months from the 15% on the US charts to the 50% percentile. That is a HUGE jump. On the southern China charts that makes her a very large girl in the 85% percentile. --- That's a Rowe girl for you.

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Kristin said...

Thanks for posting your blog link on the CCAI WC group! I've enjoyed reading back through the earlier postings. Just had to tell Mei-Mei that my oldest went through 6 years of ortho work so she is not alone! Poor thing.

Oh, and I totally get your Disney woes. I love going there but the actual time on ground can be less than pleasant depending on the moods of everyone. Whew.