Saturday, June 28, 2008

Score Girls 5 Boys 2

The Team & The Players

Team A
* DaddyO - the big guy of the house who likes to think he is in charge but fools no one since we all know there is a female estrogen imbalance in his life.
* MumMum - aka Dawn me the real one in charge around here...or so I think until I am overthrown my younger estrogen leaders

Team B
* Linjit - Obviously not her real name but the one we affectionately call her since Indian food is her favorite. Lins is the older and next successor in the estrogen head of household. Lins is our mellow, compassionate and artistic fish of the family born 3/82.
* KC - This is her name...or at least her initials. KC is our traveling one...we believe she is still on the north American continent at the moment....but she is known to board a plane at a moments notice to only god knows where and is always full of enthusiasm, charisma and great stories. KC is our strong willed ram born 4/84 Team B is living together and staking our family hold in the southern part of our very long state.

Team C * CanNoley - Oldest by two minutes, Noley is the family resident animal lover and loves all things cats, horses, and colorful. Noley is known for her nonstop signing and thinker of "great thoughts and maker of great plans" Noley makes up the part A of our stinging duo being born 11/00.
* Tobbers - Toblerone (and no, I did not name my son after a candy bar - although it is a pretty good one I must say), the worlds most handsome, smart and charming guy....and how can he not be? He is the sole boy in a family of four sisters! Tobbers is powered by knowledge, trains, planes, history and the world. Tobbers part B, is the quiet stinger of the duo born last on 11/00
Team D
* MeiMei - Is the latest addition to this crazy house we call home. MeiMei joins us via Wuzhou, Guangxi China. MeiMei was adopted at 3 years old. She was our fist adoption and we used CCAI (a great agency). We brought MeiMei home in spring of 2007. She is our feisty, outspoken strong willed and stubborn ram charmer...who in many regards shares a lot in common including her sign with big sister KC. She loves to dance, sing and wear all things sparkly. Born 3/04
* HooHaa - Is the little guy waiting in China who we are petitioning to adopt. We are waiting for our Pre Approval and once we have it we can post a little more including a photo of him. He is 8 months older than MeiMei and shares her repaired cleft lip and palate. He is a healthy handsome guy with what appears to have an affinity for snazzy shoes like his soon to be father. HooHaa (the name we affectionately call him) once home will be MeiMeis virtual twin. Born 5/03

I guess you can kinda see a pattern here...two by two by two by two or 2 to the fourth power or is it 4 to the 2nd power? hummm guess I should go ask Tobbers....

(oh yeah and in case you think we are nuts for naming the kids....we are a family based on nicknames...they are all terms of endearment in our household...)

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