Thursday, June 26, 2008

Princess O'Rama

I little background...this whole Disney Princess thing kinda snuck up out of nowhere. Noley who is seven, was never into Princesses. I did not introduce them and she never seemed to notice or care. Last year she was invited to a big first grade girl "Princess Party" (45 kids in attendance-yikes) This party had horse drawn carriages, makeup, hair, make your crowns, yada, yada you get the picture. 200% all high caliber princess girly stuff.

So Noley comes home and tells me about the party and shares her invitation. She asks me if I will help her with her costume. Taken aback, I asked what princess costume was she thinking? She proudly proclaimed "why mom of course...I am going as Princess Leia from StarWars and I'm going to borrow Tobbers light saber!" "and you have to make my costume"

Of course being the proud mom that I am of my non traditional girl--not afraid to be herself kinda gal...I antied up to the task. Needless to say out of 45 girls at the party, my Noley was the only warrior Princess Leia. You - Go - Girl!

Now, fast forward to Disneyland...Noley the non princess girl started to get interested in the princess thing. MeiMei is crazed about them since her neighbor friend is 100% Disney princess so we had to do it....that is stand in line for a hour to meet who ever was behind the secret wall.

Noley was quietly hoping for Jasmine and MeiMei was pulling for Mulan and Belle...

We hit the Princess Holy Grail and got photos will all three. Praise to be!

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Our Journey to Leilah Grace said...

Great pictures!! You have a beautiful family! Love all the princesses and the under water photo is awesome! How did you do that btw???
Love ya,
Sheri W. (Leilah Di's Mommy)