Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot Child in the City

Well, in case you did not know, it is summer here in the big Tomato. You know you are in Sac when you cannot decide if it is hotter outside or inside your parked car. Today it was a pseudo pleasant 98 degree accompanied with close to zero humidity as usual.
Yep. It is hot here and dry. The funny thing is when I moved here eons ago after school, I was lead to believe it was actually cooler here than where I was living for College. WRONG. I tried to leave this place twice for better weather (I know yes it is California and I should be grateful of our weather--but I do not like to be hot) but the Universe had other plans for me because each time I left, I found myself back in the Big Tomato. So here I aughhhh 20 years later.

One would think I would be used to it by now. I spent all my childhood summers in killer northern California heat where it is nothing to see temps in the 105 - 120 range for days on end. I can even remember the day it hit the 121 record mark. I thought I was going to die. I remember listening to my neighbors with pools and us with a sprinkler or emptying our family trash cans so we could fill them up with water and stand in them.

I tell me yahoos that they are very lucky. They think I am a whiner. They do not have to survive the nasty hot summers dunking in dirty trash cans and living with swamp coolers. Nope my kids live the "sweet life" as they like to call it.... They have A/C (which funny enough now that I have it I never use it) misters and a pool.

Today MeiMei decided she was going to swim on her own. Now, mind you she is four and does not know how to swim....she stepped in to the pool and took off on her own - swimmy free- and headed for the deep end...and whadda'ya know... She DID IT! The girl can swim! I am so proud of her. I was so nervous I did not get a photo but will when she does it again.

Here are some great pool action shots of the yahoos in action...

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