Thursday, June 19, 2008

LOI - 27 days but who's counting?

Well it has been 27 days since we submitted our LOI (letter of intent) to adopt another yahoo. Since we are going about this differently from our adoption of MeiMei, I have absolutely no clue as to when we will hear anything from China. Could be tomorrow....could be next week or could be September? Who the heck in the interim we sit here and get on with life as we join the many other waiting parents.

Last year we travelled to Guangxi China and added MeiMei to our tribe of Yahoos. Most people we know thought we were crazy. We have two in their 20's (who are officially off the payroll, good job girls), two seven year olds and why would we want to adopt? Are we crazy? Well for those that know us well, know the answer to that question. YES, we are. We are crazy, our home is crazy, our yahoos are crazy (after all how many 7 years olds are do you know are in their rooms blasting Jimmy Buffet, Herb Albert, and KC and the Sunshine Band?) Yep...that's my boy...

This photo is the only photo we have of our "gotcha day" We are the ants holding the little one in purple way in the background. I am thankful to one of our travel mate families who snapped this photo that we happened to be in. (thanks amfam)

This time around we will have a Plan C for gotcha day photos.

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