Monday, August 24, 2009

Adoption Day Flashback

I must say the feeling is arrive in a foreign country...they ask you to complete some paperwork (Okay so a LOT of paperwork) take some oaths and then they hand over to you one of the most precious child you have ever seen. The feeling the day left me with was like I was getting away with something and that at any moment someone was going to come out of somewhere and say...uhhhh sorry you cannot have her...we made a mistake---give her back.
The day after gotcha is the official adoption day when she became ours and boy was she a happy girl. In adoption you prepare for the worst (which included two pounds of M&M's - just incase I had to resort in two weeks of bribes to come near us), and you pray for the best. We could have not been more blessed...we had no signs of regret or sadness. Just one happy girl who loved to laugh and tease us and taunt us. As long as we fed her...she would have followed us anywhere. The M&M's you ask? Well she did not like chocolate or candy or ice cream. Just veggies and lots of them (little did we know what within 30 days of being home with the other yahoos that she would get corrupted into the world of chocolate and all things sweet) We knew within the first 24 hours she was going to fit into our family just fine.


Betsy said...

LOVE the new blog look! And love the beautiful pictures of your kids even more. Sending good TA thoughts your way--and Happy Birthday!!!


supergrrl7 said...

Oy, you are bringing back a lot of memories.