Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gotcha Day 07

Well. We have no real photos from Gotcha day because our camera jammed. We do have a bad video that I have yet to figure out how to upload to youtube. But I do have photos from Gotcha day post the hand off of Fu.
We loaded the bus to head off to the Lottery Hotel. Yes we were going to be meeting our little girl with the Chinese name of Fu Dong meaning "lucky and prosperous heading east" and yep meeting her for the first time at the lottery hotel...we did win the lotto.
She cried and cried and was not a happy camper. She was the first of seven to be handed off to new parents. She upset all of the babies round the room. Once we left the hotel and went to the back play park area she stopped crying. She never cried again.
When we went back to our hotel she was a quite as a mouse. No sounds whatsoever. She was frozen like a stone. We would move her to the bed and she just sat there staring into space with a lost look on her face. We stayed in the hotel room for about an hour and then went to the Chinese restaurant in the hotel. She just sat and looked around again with a lost look on her face. And then it happened... The hot spicy green beans arrived on our table. Without a seconds notice she was out of the highchair up on the table stuffing green beans into her mouth as fast as she could. Smiling from ear to ear. Yep that was it...we found our way into her heart with food. We knew she was meant to be a Tomato girl. From that moment on she NEVER stopped talking and laughing. We were in fact very very lucky.

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