Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Girl the Snake Charmer...

I strongly believe that it is my job to prepare my yahoos for leaving the nest when they graduate from school. It is my desire and goal that they go away to college and choose a professional career path. But and this is a LARGE BUTT in my case, that they not choose the college professional route, I am glad that they will at least have a future in working the circus circuit.
Tonight while having dinner a al fresco out by the pool, Noley amused the dinner crowd with a nighttime performance of her snake charming talents. Mind you these are talents that she amassed on her own so we are quite proud of her accomplishments. I am posting photos of the family snake charmer ... soon to be performing at a circus near you. FYI... no snakes were injured during her performance.
uhhhh ... dat be the cats tail.... as Noley scales the outdoor fireplace to pet the darn cat... from where we were sitting on the patio, it looked like a cobra taunting Noley. I about split a gut laughing.

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Duchess of Lanier said...

Now *that's* hilarious!!!