Sunday, August 23, 2009

Praise be to KUMON!

Last year we switched from private school to public school. In my attempt to fill in the public school gaps, I decided invest in Kumon math and reading enrichment program for the yahoos. I knew they would benefit but the degree to which was yet to be determined. That is until last week when we received the results of the kids state test scores. The tests is broken into two main areas read and math with sub categories in each.
I about fell out of my chair when I learned that Tobbers (the guy who last summer at 7 yrs old, still could not remember what 2+3 equalled) scored in the 80% in the state (top 20% percent in the state) and scored a perfect 100% score in language arts vocabulary and analysis.
Kumon works. It really really works. I am shocked. I know he is a smart guy, but he likes to check out if it is not interesting to him. Math was a dark void in his brain. He moved from being in the 20th percentile to the 80%. He was always good with words but to get a perfect score is simply amazing.
Noley also kicked butt with the tests. She tested over 90% in all categories which earned her entrance into the GATE program. She is on the wait list for the 3rd grade class--we are in for sure for 4th grade when they bump class size to 30 kids. We will be keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that there is room in the 3rd grade class for her. We will find out September 5th what teachers the kids get for the upcoming year. When I asked the kids what they attributed their success to they both answered quickly...KUMON. "Kumon made it easier for me"
Thank you Kumon. I thank you and my yahoos thank you. If you have ever considered a math or reading enrichment program, I highly recommend

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