Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flash Back ... Two days in Hong Kong

Now here is what cracks me up. The very first photo taken the morning we arrive is with me wearing a green shirt. The photo is not in focus but clearly represents EXACTLY how I felt at that very moment....FUZZY VERY FUZZY. We had a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong which included our own tour of hitting the streets and walking around like a local or as best as one can be where we were. We stumbled in to small little dive-esk bar and had a blast with everyone just looking at us like we were nuts. Hey the way we figured it we were twice the size of everyone else so what harm really could come of it...that and they served Ice Cold beer. Ooooooh that's right as prospective adoptive parents that's probably best kept to ourselves.... Uuuuuhhhh no, why do you think we are bring the older yahoos this time we can go dive bar seeking that's why... or least so they can :-)
Photos: traditional Sampans that we toured the harbor in...the lit up side of an amusement park - No that is our hotel a la rhinestone cowboy...and Mr T shopping the Hong Kong way. Next photos of Nanning.

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