Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Can Use Chop Sticks Better Than U...

Now, I have been using chopsticks well since I was about do the math and well I think you get my point. So when our guide said "no worry baby eats with western fork and spoon" I was proved wrong---very quickly. "With chopsticks I can shovel great amounts of food in my mouth at one time. With fork, I have to stab one at a time...." We gave meimei a fork and spoon and she immediately tossed them aside for my chopsticks and proceeded to eat like a champ. Boy this is a girl that likes to eat her food. Cleft palates are NO stop to this girl. Not only did she have no problem eating every noodle and vegetable in sight...she also had no problems with drinking from straws or having anything come back out her you know what....nose.
Oh and by the of the things I did to assure her that there would always been food around, was to give her this little pink purse type necklace that I filled with Cheerios. She had access to them at all times while we were in China. Yes it was over kill but it worked. Once we got home I just showed her the pantry with the WHOLE box and we had a very happy little girl.
And once again...why just wear pajamas when you can layer ones jammies with their day clothes. The more the better. Uhhhh in case you are wondering...nothing has changed in the past two years in this regard.

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